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December 10, 2013
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2013 Summary of Art by FreezingIceKirby 2013 Summary of Art by FreezingIceKirby
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Another year, another summary of art.  It sorta feels like forever since I first made the template for this thing, which was all the way back in January. 

This time around, my summary is a bit unusual.  All the pics in the top half use black outlines, while all the ones on the bottom use that new "Colorful outline" style I've been practicing with more and more.  Plus, unlike the top, the bottom row is awfully colorful, ain't it?  Apparently, characters with brown fur was all I wanted to draw for most of the first half of the year, huh? Ahh well...  in any case, I think my drawings and artistic skills really improved this year, wouldn't you say? 

(Hey, for once I'm actually being enthusiastic about my drawing abilities!  Don't get used to it...)

And now, links to each pic, with some of my thoughts (because why not...)


My favorite of the year, just because I think he came out so well.  Plus, it's one of those more complicated pics of mine that actually came out right for once (unlike another pic later on...).  A good way to start the year, if you ask me. :nod:

I'm not entirely proud of this picture, and parts here and there could be improved... but I think it came out well enough.  Looking back, I wish I had given this some sort of background.

Toon Wolf
My third favorite of the year.  Funny to think this picture didn't start out seriously at first... but after what I had drawn came out so well, I couldn't help but finish it.  I'm glad I did, too.  I'm really pleased with how this one turned out... not so bad for what's possibly the only Toon Wolf fan-art you'll ever see. :lol:

Wolf Sentry
Needs many improvement (especially his left hand), but overall, I'm not too disappointed with it.  Again, not bad for what's probably the only fan-art you'll see of this dude.

My friend is going to kill me for saying this again, but I still think this is my least-impressive pic featured here.  There's just so many things about the body I feel didn't turn out right (especially the legs).  Perhaps I'll draw Charlie again one day to mend this... but we'll see.

Ninja Werewolf
Probably my fourth or fifth favorite pic of the year.  It just turned out so well, if you ask me.  Thanks again to my friend who requested I try it. :)

The only non-animal character on my list.  I owe Lampy one thing though; if it weren't for him, I possibly wouldn't have tried experimenting with the whole "Colorful outline" style.  Good thing it worked out so well on him, else I probably would've abandoned the idea again (like I have in the past).

Next to Charlie, this is another pic I consider my least-favorite of the year.  I think the whole custom textures thing turned out alright in the end, it's just the drawing of the body itself is what I feel drags it down (imo)... which isn't surprising, since it gave me a whole lot of trouble during the initial drawing phase (and I'll admit, at many points I got frustrated and just said "Good enough"... looking back, that was a very stupid move on my part).  Amazing that other complicated pic (Tora) turned out so well, but this one didn't. :(

My second-favorite of the year, and the beginning of my good streak of drawings (for a while).  I had to heavily edit the original drawing quite a bit, but the final product came out so good!  I dare say this might be the peak of what my artistic abilities are capable of... take that as you will.

The awesome and most adorable Pokemon of them all.  Despite the pose not turning out exactly how I intended, I still think the final product came out really nice.  I'm quite proud of it... and I hope other Buizel fans like it, too.

Ivan the Fox
I'm really pleased with how this character came out.  Funny to think he started out as a tiny sprite from all the way back in 2008 (or earlier).  I'm glad I came across said sprite and was able to bring new life into Ivan... as I dare say he's one of my better-looking original characters. :nod:

Albert Alligator
Again, possibly not the best way to end the year, but after editing the pic, I'm much happier with it now.  Albert is a character I don't know too much about yet... but that doesn't stop me from appreciating good character designs, much like his.  Even if the quality is debatable, I think Pogo fans appreciate the effort. :)

Here's hoping 2014 turns out an even better drawing year than this (I mean that in a good way).  And to all you other artists out there, I wish you all good luck as well, and here's hoping we all keep improving! 
SilverZeo Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist
You've done alot more than me.
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