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Cody "Kirby" Shafer
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hey there, random visitor, welcome to my DeviantART page! By some unfortunate luck, you found yourself on my page... but since you're here now, why not stick around and take a look at what drawings I have to offer? You won't, but stick around for a little bit, anyway.

Here, you'll find that I like to draw a lot of fan-art. Why? Mostly because half the time, whenever you try to find artwork of your favorite characters, it's always creepy sex or fetish garbage that'll make you want to bleach out your eyeballs after seeing it. My goal is to create good hey I'm trying, shut up... fan-art that everyone can enjoy... and to provide some art for characters that most people have forgotten... some that deserve it, some that should've stayed obscure, I bet. So with that said, all my pics are G-rated, and they're for everyone to enjoy in theory.

(You'll notice I do like to draw a lot of animal art. That's mostly because A) that seems to be what I'm best at, and B) I'm bad at drawing humans. And because someone out there is bound to think it, let me also state that no, I do not consider myself one of them thar "Fuzzies", or whatever the hell they're called. I draw animal art because that's what I like to do, and that's as far as it goes.)

As for me... well, there's not a whole lot to say. I'm just some dude who likes to draw as a hobby. Video games and animated media are also some interests of mine. I'm... pretty much as ordinary as a person can get.

Well, hope you like what you see here. And thanks for stopping by my DA page... especially to those who read this description of mine! All three of you. :D

(Let's shoot for 100,000 views on my DA page! With the rate I've been going these past few years, I'll reach it when hell freezes over, pigs fly, and Hollywood finally grows some standards! Basically, never There's hope yet! ;P )


I imagine the fan-story portion of this journal will only apply to maybe one or two of my watchers... if even that many.  

In any case, to anyone who's been following that fan sequel I've been writing, I want to apologize by saying new chapters may take longer than I expected to get out.  Unfortunately, unlike before, I don't have the excuse that I've been dealing with many distractions to keep me from working on it... no, this time, it's a complete and utter lack of motivation holding me back, I'm afraid.  I think because of some of the difficulties I had writing the last two chapters (spending two weeks on CH3, and then another two on CH4), I got a little burned out on the whole thing, and every time I try to go back and think about any new idea's and whatnot, my motivation instantly drops into the negatives and I completely lose interest.  

What that means is that it's been nearly another two weeks since the last completed chapter, and in-regard to chapter five, I've written all of... maybe two or three sentences so far, and nothing else.  Silly thing is, I know exactly what I want to go into it (as well as the rest of the story), some of the dialogue, among other situations and what-have-you... I just can't seem to type it!  Call it writers block, I don't know...

Don't worry though... I'm going to try my damnedest to finish this story, instead of letting it go to waste like I did that Ace London story I nearly completed (then cancelled and never went back to).  In any case, I'm going to try and force myself to get into the mood... chapter five should be relatively short, anyway, so hopefully I can get that done and get to the parts of the story that I'm looking forward to finally sharing... assuming I finally GET to them, anyway.


To all my other watchers, I also want to apologize to you guys, too.  I know I haven't drawn anything here lately, and a part of me wants to change that as well.  Like the writing stuff up above, I've also been slammed with a lack of motivation here, too.  Hopefully I'll be able to kick myself in the rear and make something, as I do have some ideas of whom I'd like to draw next (like "Croc" from that old Playstation game, and even a wolf I recently discovered from some anime).

(I've also thought about going back and drawing some of my originals, too... one in-particular that's always been somewhat of a favorite of mine, who's surprisingly not a wolf.  We'll see though...)

Hopefully I'll produce something soon in-regards to that stuff... but for now, again I apologize for being so damn quiet on this site.  Like usual, I hate disappointing you guys and letting you down, so please just have a little bit of patience with me.

(Then again, I fully give any of you permission to come find me and kick me in the ass for being such a slacker.  At this point, I truly deserve it.)


Also, this doesn't really have any bearing on any of the stuff mentioned above... but how the hell did this happen!?

I swear, I didn't edit this in the slightest bit.  You know, I never thought I'd ever submitted anything that would somehow manage to surpass the amount of favorites my Iggy Koopa or Cat R. Waul drawings have... yet a character from a movie I thought was universally disliked by most critics and movie-goers somehow made its way to the top as my # 1 most-favorited submission in my gallery!  I... don't get it, but I like it!
Go, Surly! :iconsurlyplz:

(Seeing these results makes me think I should draw more fan-art for the movie... but what, I haven't a clue.  Granted, I have considered drawing Buddy or even Surly again, but who knows when or if I'll ever get to either one.  Like usual, I plan these sorts of things out, then I come out of nowhere with a completely different character I never expected to draw in a hundred years... so we'll see what happens.)

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